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The Man ... 3 in 1 !!!

All civilizations consider man in his three dimensions: body, soul, spirit. All of them, except ours, which mistreats our spiritual dimension.

The human being is body-soul-spirit

Considering man in his three dimensions body, soul and spirit is what is called an "anthropological invariant": it is found "in all traditions whatever they may be", Semitic, Indo-European, Chinese, Indian ... "This body-soul-spirit distribution is not the property of any tradition, of any religion, of any period, of any civilization, of any author." It is, recalls Michel Fromaget, "a fundamental human data".

You can find all of Michel Fromaget's thesis in his book: Body-soul-spirit - Introduction to ternary anthropology.

Here are some visual explanations to better understand who we are :

The chakras, these secret areas of the body:

We can neither touch them nor see them. Yet, according to traditional Chinese medicine, when one of our seven chakras is disturbed, our entire physical and mental balance is upset.

All rights derived from Ayurvedic medicine, the chakras designate energy centers in our body. Stress could affect their balance and lead to physical, emotional or psychic symptoms.

Etymologically, the word "chakra" comes from Sanskrit and means "wheel" or "disc". It should be understood that the chakras are energy centers with a circular flow which are sensitive to internal and external energies. They thus receive the vital energy ("prana") conveyed by the thousands of channels called "nadis" present in the human body.

There are thousands of chakras, including 7 main chakras located along the spine and each having their own properties. If these are well balanced, energy flows easily (this fluid movement is called "kundalini") and health is good. If one or more are out of balance, they prevent the other chakras from fully playing their role because they are interdependent on each other, organized in the same system, and dysfunctions may appear.


When you experience discomfort in everyday life, a drop in tone, mood swings, it is interesting to rebalance the chakras.

To do this, all you have to do is make an appointment with a Chinese medicine practitioner (acupuncturist, digipression therapist, energy specialist, etc.).

On a daily basis, we can prevent the weakening of the chakras through Qi gong or Tai-chi-chuan or mindfulness meditation. There are other methods of course but for which reservations are expressed, for example kundalini yoga.

"I collect people to whom the phenomenon has not been well explained, which is far from trivial. If the root chakra is weak or empty, it will amplify the vacuum. We will seek energy where it does not exist. "There is not enough… People find themselves exhausted. For my part, I strongly advise against this technique if it is not practiced by a major energy specialist," warns Seforah Benhamou.

On the other hand, Qi gong is a gentle gymnastics which teaches how to breathe by lowering the diaphragm and which has incredible effects to rebalance the chakras.

There are videos on youtube of Qi gong movements to do in the morning, in order to prepare your body for the day to come.

Here are different anchoring techniques that will allow it to be done in full awareness and which will help the harmonization of the chakras :

Here are some interesting reads to complete the topic:

The energetic man; the incredible potential of the human being and his place in the universe, by Luc Bodin:

"Man is much more than a being made of flesh and blood. Traditional medicines (traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda ...) have started to explain his energetic nature with meridians, chakras, subtle bodies, kundalini, etc. But it was above all quantum physics which brought us the most information by demonstrating the vibratory constitution of matter. Current research tends to demonstrate that our consciousness is not in our brain, but that our senses and even our minds are quantum and not chemical in nature as was hitherto argued.

Thus the human being is energetic before being chemical or biological. It is vibratory and is at the center of a maelstrom of energetic winds to which it is permanently connected. These are the slowdowns or blockages of these energy flows that are at the origin of our discomfort and our diseases. "

Quantum man; towards a new understanding of our healing potentials, by Tom Atham, Olivier Chambon and Emmenuel Ransford :

"This daring work, born of a three-voice dialogue between a polytechnician, a psychiatrist and a self-taught scientist, leads us to completely rethink our conception of human nature and of consciousness. By relying both on knowledge the most current in quantum physics and medicine, this book shows us that quantum man is astonishing, that he is rooted in an invisible dimension of the universe and that he has immense capacities, psychic, creative or still self-healing.

This new vision of man, which our time urgently needs, is based on a double lineage. The first is rooted in quantum physics which, as we know, studies atoms and particles. The second joins energetic or holistic therapies, such as shamanism and neo-shamanism and so-called "spiritual" therapies. Why quantum physics? Because this science paints a very bizarre portrait of the material world.

This is so, not because nature itself is bizarre, but because this portrait is incomplete: it lacks an essential dimension, which is psychic, that of consciousness. We have forgotten this dimension because it is invisible. This book reveals, in a simple and accessible language, what is our quantum dimension; it suggests practical applications that can enrich and beautify our daily lives and inspire us to explore our inner resources and our capacities for self-healing. "

Tokela Isha


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