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The importance of cleaning up your living space

We often hear this phrase "take care of yourself" without really understanding how, or what it means. We imagine that taking care of yourself goes through the daily shower, eat healthy, play sports, read, put on makeup, go to the hairdresser ...

Indeed, but not only. Taking care of yourself also means knowing how to say no when something does not suit you, protecting yourself from the stress of life, learning to ride the wave of change without being subjected to its assaults, but above all, giving yourself moments relaxation and care for all your bodies: massages, energy treatments, mediations ...

That's good, we became aware of all this and we are working for his personal well-being!

And yet, all is not perfect ...

At home, in the workplace, we feel tense, with perhaps unexplained outbursts of anger. At home, we feel a heaviness that makes us feel uncomfortable ... we only want to leave as soon as we arrive. At work, relationships with colleagues are strained, the projects proposed are often failures, nothing is going well ...

It's just that, as you have started to take care of yourself, your perceptions have developed and are causing you to become aware of everything that is going on around you. All these discomforts in these different places are simply a sign that these places are loaded and that we must also take care of them by cleaning them.


A place that we call loaded is often a place that receives people, whether it is a public place or a family home. People come there, bringing with them their negative energetic charges and their emotions.

To better understand: the human, the man, it is a physical body surrounded by several energetic bodies. We are just energy, held in a physical envelope so that we can interact with objects and other people we meet.

These energies charge and discharge and can sometimes be polluted by other "energetic entities" coming from a different plane. (The common word for these entities is ghost, but it is very reductive, I would devote another article on the subject)

These entities are souls who did not find the light at the time of their death, or "things" coming from another astral plane and which are very negatively charged.

Throughout the day, whether we are protected by bracelets, orgones, amulets ..., we are continually crossed by entities that we do not perceive, and this since our birth. Sometimes some may become attached to us, which can create as a physical discomfort unusual pains, mood swings, sudden disinterest in things that fascinate us, ...

There are different ways to remedy these discomforts, from switching to sage or palo santo to a deep energy treatment that can sometimes lead to an exorcism on the toughest cases.

Emotions can also sometimes be so strong and powerful in the energy bodies that they cause it to saturate and eventually materialize in the physical body, which causes the appearance of diseases, which can range from simple eczema to cancer ...

Again, when you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, it is interesting to see an energy therapist to come and cleanse and regulate before the situation worsens.

All these human-related examples apply to homes and places of life!

To better understand :

Important reminder: Everything is energy, Everything is alive.

Let us take several examples, different places where the activity and the human passage will be different, and yet: we find each time at least 2 types of negative charges to clean for an optimal well-being.

  • A house, an apartment that we buy :

We are here in a place that has already been inhabited by one or more families, which depending on its seniority may have gone through wars, may have been used for different things other than family life ... So we have all these factors to consider.

After a geo-biological cleaning (search for water sources, nodes or telluric chimneys ...), we will therefore do an energetic cleaning on all the entities that could have remained in the place following death or bereavement. painful (sometimes entities having no relation to the grieving family see one for them as a connection to the world of the living, the pain being like a kind of food for their survival and they come to attach themselves thinking that it is acts of their family).

This energetic cleaning is also used to cleanse all the entities that could have been brought back by furniture or objects (remember that everything is energy and that to "exist these energetic beings without a physical body need to be attached to something or someone. one to "survive")

Then to finish we will do an energetic cleansing of the emotional, in order to free the walls, the furniture, the foundations of all the emotional he has suffered since its creation.

From the mason to the inhabitants of the house, to friends and postman who comes to carry a recommended ... all have left an energy imprint on the home. As positive things such as joy, happiness, laughter tend to be weighed down by negative emotions, we will focus on anger and sadness, which are mainly the two most prevalent emotions in busy places. As for the energetic entities, the emotional entities will be felt, analyzed (we will look for the source in order to cleanse in depth) and cleanse.

The places where people have been sick or have died are very impacted by these emotions which live by themselves before coming to amplify with the new occupant of the room.

This is why it is important to energetically clean a dwelling place before completely inhabiting it, as you will see in the "examples" section of this article.

  • Land intended for construction or breeding / farming / market gardening :

Unlike the house already built, since there is currently only herbs in this space for example, we will be interested in the history of the land.

First, a geo-biological cleaning to see where the various faults, water holes, ... are located, then we will try to find out what there was on this land. And there, each person will have their own way of doing things, so I'm going to talk about mine:

I will walk on the ground putting myself in my feelings, as for a house or a person, and I will simply listen to what the place tells me. Thus, we will be able to know the big traumas that the place has experienced and clean them in order to free it. The land has a memory, we can have the scars of war, on formerly agricultural land, traces of witchcraft between neighbors who hated each other, buried remains of old places of worship, memories of wolf attacks on herds ...

When we have read the information, we clean up.

Go to the "example" section for more thrills!

  • A workplace :

Whether it is a practice of medicine, osteopathy, pharmacy, supermarket, law firm ... hospitals, psychiatrists, courts ... these places are very busy, most often emotionally.

It is true, it is rare to intervene in a courtroom, on the other hand, we have more and more law firms, lawyers, therapists ... who call on people specialized in the energetic cleaning in order to relieve the heaviness of their workplace.

In these cases, cleaning the place and putting in place protection or orgones work perfectly, with a little sage from time to time, a little incense too ...

For places like supermarkets, it is very complicated to have an optimal rendering, the idea will therefore be to take care of the person who asks for it, by cleaning her and giving her the means of less. be impacted by the energies present.

Small stop concerning this place: if the energies can impact on the physical and emotional body of the human, imagine that their impacts are also made on all the products in attendance that you are going to buy. This is why they have a low vibration rate (not to mention the fact that most of the processed products have also suffered the impacts of the people who worked on them at the factory, transport, unloading ...) This is why it would be interesting to be able to clean our food energetically before storing it in our cupboards and why not also by cooking it. We will talk about it in a future article.

For even busier places like hospitals, morgues ... here again the best way to feel better in the workplace will be to come and work on yourself and protect yourself with amulets, orgones ...

  • Cars and transport vehicles :

Here again we can face 2 or 3 different types of things that can disrupt our well-being.

The car breaks down all the time, or regularly breaks down, repetitive accidents ...

Maybe I'm in the grip of a little curse or a spell? Here again, these 2 possibilities can be linked to a person around us or to the person who owned the car before or to a problem related to karmic ... it is during the cleaning intervention that we will know. and that we will act.

Is there a follow-up after a cleaning ?

Yes and no!

Yes, you must YOU, take the time to spend some sage or palo santo to purify and relieve the place when you feel the need. You owe it to yourself to take the time for your place of life, work, your vehicle as if it were part of you. And if you are well with you, well, well!

No, no third-party follow-up unless you really feel like there is something too big for you that you just can't seem to handle. Trust your feelings!

Various examples :

You have to make the difference between a place or an object possessed and a place or an object with a strong emotional imprint.

  • Places or objects possessed :

The Chucky doll, whose film is inspired by the story of a doll that had belonged to the painter and writer Robert Eugène Otto. Gift made and given by a maid of his parents when he was 4 years old, the doll was handmade from rags and straw. The legend says that this servant, coming from the Bahamas, practiced black magic and voodoo, and that she would have offered this poisoned gift to the child in revenge for the mistreatment that the Otto family inflicted on her. (Cf. Article on The Legend of Chucky). In this case we are dealing with possession of an object by witchcraft (a demon makes the object "alive").

The Overlook Hotel or the Stanley Hotel, made famous by the film Shining, places not only alive by the spirits and entities inhabiting but also vibrant with the emotional that has its place. For more information, see the article on The Shining.

James Dean's car, "Little Bastard", a Porsche 500 Spyder which became famous because it was in this car that he was killed in an accident on September 30, 1955. Legend has it that every person who had a piece of the car had an accident or died in dramatic circumstances. A legend that has since been refuted but which continues anyway since today a mystery still hangs over the disappearance of 3/4 of the car.

This story is said to have inspired Stephen King for his novel Christine.

These examples are known and verifiable on the net, the following are those arising from personal experience:

-A house where couples separate: it's even more than one case that I have had to deal with. In this case, in addition to the energetic and geo-biological cleansing, it was necessary to find the cause of the anger in the presence which made the couples separate by coming to play on the partners' own personal anger. An anger that was developing in each of them and of which they accused each other, to the point of heartbreak.

In other cases, this past anger has led to a murder in one of the rooms of the house and there too the stigmata are as much energetic as they are emotional!

-The sadness of the loss of a child: in this other case, a joyful child who becomes sad and lets himself be wasted ... he slept in the room where years ago a mother had lost her child and where she came to cry every night until dying there. In this case, it was necessary to bring up the mother who had no awareness of having died and who was watching over a being who was not hers, and to clean up all the sadness of the place.

-Animals that develop deadly cancers: this is a case of a house built on former farmland where a curse had been cast by a neighbor on another neighbor, in order to destroy his herd of cattle in the aim to be able to buy back the farm and the land at a lower cost.

In this case, we come to lift the curse and purify the land, the building and everything on the property.

This is why it is important to clean a place before living or working there, and especially, after cleaning, to put your personal energy there, in order to become one with, whether it is a car, a house, an object ... everything charges, everything discharges and everything recharges!

Tokela Isha


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