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The cat: the most magical of animals

According to beliefs, cats protect us and our home from ghosts and negative spirits.

Who has never seen their cat staring insistently at the ceiling, wagging their tail nervously? Or wake up suddenly, the hair on the bristle and run out of the room he is in?

Cats are among the most magical animals on earth.

Its aura is so large that it includes the individual, the family, the house and the territory of the cat.

Therefore, we must understand that the behavior of the cat is going to be relative not only to a "social" interaction but also energetic and magical.

For example, when a cat rubs against your legs, it is not only looking for some food, it also means that it is sharing its magic, its astral force with you.

Whoever pushes him away by saying "leave me alone" blocks the positive energy that the cat was trying to give him. Next time, the cat will not share his astral strength and may even take some away from him.

Cats not only protect the house from the evil spirits that enter, they also protect the house from negative energies that resided before the cat came to you.


When a cat senses a spirit in the house, it follows it to understand its intentions. To ensure that this astral entity does not threaten its territory, the cat makes every effort to expel it by shifting its energy field. If that doesn't work, it traps the entity in its energy field and drives it out of the house.

So pay attention to certain behaviors of your cat: if he keeps returning to a certain place in the house, keeping a tense posture, intensely fixing a specific place ... this may indicate the presence of an entity or of negative, evil energy.

In this case, read a cleansing and purification prayer or burn some white sage to eliminate negative energy.

The cat's astral field is so powerful that it can easily drive out any negative entity. For this reason, people who communicate with spirits do not leave cats in the room where they are sitting. It can frighten astral beings. However, in some cases the presence of cats during magical rituals is strongly recommended.


The presence of cats protects from the evil eye and curses.

But to protect yourself from an evil eye, or during a conversation with a person with unclean thoughts, you should keep your hands on the cat, using the left hand to stroke its neck and the right to stroke the tail.

In the house, cats like to be in places with high energy, such as in geopathogenic areas. They often choose these places, because there is a strong circulation of negative energy or groundwater.


Cats have excellent healing powers. Cats of any breed and color are able to heal their owners, lying down on their sore spots. To heal yourself with a cat, you just have to stroke it to release all the mental and emotional stress. Cats also improve vision. For this, some healers recommend stroking the tail of a white cat.


BLACK : Witchcraft, occult powers, protection, deep magic. Despite all the superstitions, they eliminate negative household energy, bestow wisdom and discernment.

RED : Male power, power of the sun, Yang energy. No matter the gender of the cat, it represents the magic of wealth, money, focus.

BLUE (Gray, Smoky Gray) : Cats in this color bring love, happiness, good fortune as well as emotional stability and sensual peace.

WHITE : The cat and the wizard create lunar magic and have powerful healing powers. It gives a feeling of beauty and admiration, relieves stress, gives healing and invigorating energy. In America, it is considered a good omen.

COLOR POINT (Siamese), The royal color : Cats of this color bring fame and success, longevity, contribute to solar magic.

CALICO (Three Colors) : These cats bring good luck on land and sea, protect home and family from harm, bring happiness and prosperity.

TWO-TONE (black and white, red-white, gray and white) : According to legend, two-tone cats are the best mouse hunters and are adorable. They bring the energy of wisdom, understanding and common sense.

TURTLE SCALES : Only females inherit this color. Children, pure magic, the gift of clairvoyance, healing.

GOLD, BROWN, GOLD (like the Abyssinian) : Playful, wise, majestic, who grants grace, helps to master secular wisdom, solar magic.

TIGRE : Brings luck, light, gives a cheerful attitude to even the most critical situation.

Tokela Isha


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