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Shining, an almost real movie!

Psychological horror film released in 1980, eleventh feature film by Stanley Kubrick, starring Jack Nicholson, Shelly Duvall and Danny Lloyd, this film is an adaptation of Stephen King's novel: Shining, the Child of Light.

The story :

Writer, Jack Torrance, accompanied by his wife Wendy and his son Danny, is hired as a guard during a whole winter for the maintenance of a large isolated hotel in the borders of Colorado, the Overlook Hotel. He hopes to take advantage of this isolation to overcome his lack of inspiration.

While Jack does not move forward in his book and his son, medium, is more and more haunted by terrifying visions, he discovers the terrible secrets of the hotel and gradually falls into a kind of murderous madness where he lashes out at his own family.

Stephen King's review :

The spectator Stephen King finds the film excellent, while the novelist is very unhappy: the script betrays the spirit of the book to a totally opposite end: the book ends in fire while the film ends in ice . He will even refuse to appear in the credits of the film because for him, the most important theme of the book is that a good father can turn into a monster by the abuse of alcohol.

In the book, which he later described as "partly autobiographical", Jack Torrance, by wanting to become good, gradually slipped into madness. The one in the film appears crazy from the first scene.

This is why in 1997, he will co-produce and screenwrite a second adaptation for television, entitled Shining (Shining: the corridors of fear in France) in the form of a 3-part TV movie of 87 min.

The writer even asked to film the entire series at the Stanley Hotel, of colonial Georgian architecture and inaugurated in 1909, in room 217 in which he had a nightmare about him strangling his son, a vision that inspired him to writing the book.

The Stanley Hotel :

This is a 142 room hotel located in Estes Park, Colorado. It offers a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains and particularly the Pic Longs.

Built between 1907 and 1909, it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1977 and has been a member of the Historic Hotels of America since 2005.

Freelan Oscar Stanley :

The Stanley Hotel takes its name from Freelan Oscar Stanley.

Twins of Francis Edgar Stanley, together they will create at the age of 10, violins usable in concert. Subsequently, the Stanley Motor Carriage Company founded in 1898 saw the appearance of the famous Stanley Steamer. Then, founders of the ancestor of the airbrush, with the arrival of the first cameras, they founded one of the most famous studios in New Orleans, the Stanley Dry Plate Compagny, which was sold in 1902 to the Kodak company.

In 1903, suffering from tuberculosis, Oscar Stanley was recommended to take long sessions of fresh air, which prompted him to move closer to the Rocky Mountains and spend time in Estes Park.

Stanley and his wife were housed in a cabin in Estes Park, a village founded in 1859 by a community of trappers.

Impressed by the valley and by the fact that his health was improving, he began in 1907 to build a large hotel with 48 rooms, the work of which was completed in 1909, then his mansion in 1910.

In 1926, the hotel was sold to a private company created solely for the purpose of managing the hotel. The adventure went bankrupt, Freelan then bought the hotel and sold it again in 1930 to Roe Emery, a magnate of the automobile and hotel industry.

Until 1983, the hotel only opened in summer and closed in winter.

Since then the Stanley Hotel is recognized as a popular resort for vacationers and ghost hunters!

Room 217 is still available for rent but you have to allow several months of waiting as it is so requested!

Just for your viewing pleasure, here is the Stanley Hotel website :

Flora Jane Record Tileston :

Born April 23, 1847 in Hartland, Maine, Flora Tileston would become a civic leader, businesswoman, poet and pioneer who helped make Estes Park the vibrant community it is today.

In 1876, while working as a teacher in Mechanic Falls, Maine, Tileston married her fellow teacher Freelan Oscar Stanley, a union that lasted over 63 years.

A passionate mountaineer and adventurer, Tileston was with Stanley on August 31, 1899, as they ascended Mount Washington, New Hampshire, in a Stanley locomobile.

During their time in Estes Park, the Stanleyes used their combined vision and wealth to create the foundations of the city, building the Stanley Resort and Estes Park's first power station. They also helped establish the water system and the city's first bank.

According to the Historic Stanley Home Foundation, the Stanley people also played a major role in the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park, in which Tileston played a key leadership role.

Having suffered a stroke in July 1939, Tileston died 10 days later at the age of 92 at her Rockside summer residence, a year before Stanley died. She was buried in Kingfield, Maine.

Stephen King at the Stanley Hotel :

In October 1974, Stephen King stayed at the Stanley Hotel: he found himself the only guest of the hotel, with his wife, since the establishment was about to close for the winter. That night, he slept in room 217 where he spent a nightmarish night.

Subsequently, he researched this room and discovered that it was that of a hotel employee, Elizabeth Wilson, who was seriously injured following a gas explosion on June 25, 1911 ...

Stephen King recently wrote Before the Play a short story, unpublished in French, prologue to The Shining, presenting the history of the Overlook Hotel.

A haunted hotel ?

It is said that Elizabeth Wilson would put things in the suitcases of the occupants of room 217 but also that she would put the suitcases of clients that she would not like in front of the door, or that she would disturb unmarried couples. .

Jim Carrey stayed in the same room in 1993 and left without giving an explanation!

This hotel is said to be one of the most haunted places in the United States.

According to testimonials from hotel guests, we saw the appearance of a little boy in room 418 and we can hear the laughter of children in the hallways.

Among the cases of ghostly apparitions, we will have the specter of a cowboy in room 428, that of Lord Dunraven (photo), owner of the land where the hotel is built, who would have inappropriate gestures towards- see women in room 401 or even the various appearances of Flora Stanley, wife of Freelan Stanley, first manager of the hotel, playing the piano in the large ballroom.

Also mentioned are Lucy, a wanderer who froze to death, and Paul, a worker who died of a heart attack.

Originally... :

The Stanley Hotel is built on Colorado lands; a land marked by spirituality.

These lands have long belonged to the Native Americans, a people who considered the land and nature to be the greatest wealth.

They lived with the seasons and moved according to the herds of buffalo, honored mother nature and cultivated the bond they could have with her.

The tribe settled on the plains of Estes Park was that of the Arapahos, considered one of the most contemplative compared to the others.

Driven towards spirituality, even their first names often took root in nature, in the supernatural forces that they perceived there. Their teepees were designed to break camp as quickly as possible.

Like all Amerindians, they learned to use the land to obtain everything they needed. For them, every thing, every animal was worthy of a respect that springs from a love for creation.

Isn't it true that energy is important for minds in order to be able to communicate? We can therefore assume that these lands have been able to conserve the particular energy of these Amerindian peoples, which makes it a suitable place for paranormal events.

Here are some pictures of the "ghosts" of the Stanley Hotel :

Tokela Isha


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