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Life is Beautiful

A man took a bus every day to go to work. A stop later, an old lady went up and sat on the side of the window. The old lady opened a bag and throughout the trip, she threw something out the window. Every day, on each trip, the old lady would get on, sit down and pass the journey throwing something out the window.

One day, intrigued, the man asked her:

-Excuse my curiosity, but what do you throw out the window? -These are seeds. The old lady answered him. -Seeds? Seeds of what? -Of flowers. It's because, you see, when I look outside, everything seems sad to me. It lacks colors, life... I wish I could make this trip by looking at flowers all along the way. It would be much more pleasant, don't you think? -But madam, the seeds fall on the asphalt, the vehicles crush them, the birds eat them... do you really think your seeds will germinate on this road? -I'm sure of that. Even if some get lost or end up on the road, over time, they will bloom. -But... they need water! -I do my part, the rainy days will be theirs.

The man got off the bus to go to work, thinking that the old lady was a little crazy.

A few months later, the man, looking through the bus window, realized that along the road was filled with flowers. And he remembered the old lady. He then asked the bus driver for news of the latter. -Well, it's been more than a month since she died.

The man returned to sit down and continued to look at the landscape saying: the flowers guted but what was it for since she could not see her "work"?

Suddenly, he heard the laughter of a little boy pointing the finger at the flowers. -Look at mom! Look at all these flowers! The old lady of this legend had done her job: she left her legacy to all those who knew how to contemplate it.

It is said that this man, since. this day, is making the trip from home to work with a bag of seeds that he throws out the window.

Morality: Don't get tired of sowing good things, you may not see the fruit... but someone somewhere will appreciate what you will sow.

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