Didn't it ever happen to you looking at your watch, alarm clock, phone regularly fall on 11:11 or 10:01?

Do you sometimes have sequences of figures that are revealed to you insistently?

If this is the case, it is because your Angels try to send you a message.

To better understand and interpret them according to your feelings, here are some explanations about these suites and mirror hours.


-0h00 : Symbol of the start again. Angels want you to understand that life is a cycle and you are

one with the Universe.

000 = A situation has closed its loop.

-1h11 : Both projects and thoughts materialize quickly. What you visualize will take shape

quickly, the Angels working to realize your thoughts.

111: Carefully monitor your thoughts.

-2h22 : Positive results are about to occur. Keep trust and yourself attract success.

222 = Have faith, everything will go well.

-3h33 = Wink from the Angels who want you to understand that they protect you and are there

to guide you.

333 = The Ascended Masters are near you.

-4h44 = Continue to address your Angels through prayers because they watch over you and

ensure that they are answered.

444 = You have nothing to fear, everything is good.

-5h55 = Great change to come. We must remain confident so that the benefits are positive.

555 : A major change is taking place.

-666 = Your thoughts are unbalanced, currently too focused on the material world.

-777 = You are on the right track.

-888 = A phase of your life is coming to an end.

-999 = Get to work with a light heart


-10h10 = Everything rushes. Be prepared for a upheaval in your life. Stay vigilant because not everything will be positive.

-11h11 = Angels invite you to stay positive and not to be discouraged after a difficult stage in your life.

-12h12 = Continue in the desired direction and do not give up, your thoughts will be decisive for the rest of events.

-13h13 = The most powerful angels watch over you. They are your guides and give you great energy.

-14h14 = Get rid of the superfluous, everything that does not correspond to your desires and

that infuse you with great energy.

-15h15 = Faced with a phase of change, Angels encourage you to take your destiny in hand.

-16h16 = Pay attention to the words you use. The Angels remind you that all words have


-17h17 = Everything could well be solved soon and your optimism is for a lot in your success.

-18h18 = A bad financial situation disturbs your thoughts. Your Angels remind you that

abundance can only happen to a person with positive thoughts.

-19h19 = Time of the action. Angels encourage you to take the necessary measures to change

your situation.

-20h20 = You have managed to develop a privileged relationship with your Angels. They

congratulate you.

-21h21 = Angels watch over your projects, invite you not to worry and to refocus on the


-22h22 = Stay patient because everything comes at the right time for those who know how to


-23h23 = Use your intuition to make the right decisions and you will succeed in get the desired



-01H10 = Someone loves you - Feeling of love and benevolence.

-02h20 = Good news will arrive from one moment to the next - Luck, auspicious.

-03h30 = Someone desires you - Feeling of affection, desire.

-04h40 = You betrayed someone - Bad energies, betrayal.

-05h50 = You will receive a big surprise shortly - Good luck, positive feeling.

-10h10 = The person you love thinks of someone else - Possessivity, bad augurs.

-12h21 = Someone speaks badly about you - Betrayal, bad energies.

-13h31 = Something will happen soon that won't please you - Bad augurs.

-14h41 = You lost something - Materialism, feeling of loss.

-15h51 = Someone wants a love story with you - Love and kindness.

-20h02 = You miss someone - Friendship, love, positive energy.

-21h12 = Someone wants the best for you - Kindness, unconditional love.

-23h32 = Someone mocks you - Maliciousness, wickedness.

Tokela Isha


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