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Amulets, Talismans and Pentacles

Amulets, talismans and pentacles are objects intended to protect or attract beneficial forces to oneself: they are condensers of human fluid and sidereal fluid, which can be of vegetable, animal, mineral origin, worn on oneself or kept at home.

The distinction between these three objects is not always very clear. We can nevertheless say that the amulet is a personal object which can only protect the person, that the talisman exercises its influence whoever the holder, that the pentacle is a perfected talisman, which serves as an intermediary between the magist and the forces of the cosmos.

This does not mean that the astral influences are absent from the constitution of an amulet or a talisman, because these objects attract the force of the planet, according to the metal, the precious stone, the vegetable or the animal matter which compose them.

All items used in magic gain much more power if they are dedicated. Consecration gives positive radiations to an object or to a living being.

It is mandatory for amulets, talismans and pentacles to have real effectiveness.


The amulets are preferably made on the first Friday of the month, after sunset. There are many kinds of amulets, intended for multiple uses, but you can simply make an amulet with a metal and a gemstone corresponding to your zodiac sign:


Even if, like the amulet, the talisman is made of natural materials, these are chosen according to their symbolic significance, according to a complex system of correspondences. Thus a talisman which refers to the sun could contain a sunflower flower. The method of making the talisman is also much more complex and more demanding.


The pentacle is composed of a geometric design whose shape and inscriptions are studied to make emitters of fluidic energy. It is a receptacle of forces coming from the cosmos. Most often it is composed of concentric circles which symbolize the macrocosm and the microcosm, circles in which the symbolic figure of man can be inscribed, in the form of a five-pointed star.

A famous pentacle is the seal of Solomon, which protects against betrayals and promotes the acquisition of all goods. Six-pointed star, it is composed of two triangles which represent the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Tokela Isha


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