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The body speaks to us and often we turn a deaf ear until it screams and we reach the "fracture" ...

His words: tensions, illnesses, traumas = our ailments.

This is his way of telling us that things are wrong and that the problem must be addressed before it is too late. Evil said ...

The human body is a physical body and energy bodies each having a specific function in our life, our reincarnation, our evolution.

As Chinese medicine has taught us for millennia, it is an extraordinary energy field, traversed by "currents" circulating along the meridians, themselves in correspondence with the various organs.

In the end, as explained by Michel Odoul, author of Tell me where you have pain, I would tell you why, a means of expression, of link with the outside world for our conscious thought but also for our unconscious ( the non-conscious).

Here are a few words about ailments:

The mouth: a real place of exchange where food and air enter; words but also sometimes vomiting or spitting come out. If our mouth suffers (canker sores, various inflammations, bites on the cheeks or on the tongue ...) it is the sign of a difficulty in "biting into life and accepting what it offers us". It is the testimony of a "dissatisfaction turned towards ourselves"

The eyes: what do we refuse to see?

If the future seems blurry to us, cloudy, it's myopia. The refusal to see the near future is presbyopia. As for cataracts, which often afflicts the elderly, it corresponds to the fear of the present and the future, which seem dark.

During eye "accidents", we put our finger on problems from outside: conjunctivitis (inflammation) can be caused by anger, glaucoma comes from our internal pressure

The nose: This is the path that air takes in inspiration. He perceives more subtle energies than the mouth. Smells are a sign of recognition from the outside world and play a resonant role in our psyche.

We often say of someone “you can't smell it” when it comes to someone you don't like or have doubts about. We will say of a dubious affair "that it smells bad".

These expressions are reflected in certain conditions such as reduced smell, rhinitis which clogs the nose or sinusitis.

This loss of smell (or sometimes disturbances such as fictitious smells), are signs of stubborn resentment, fear or unfulfilled vengeance.

The throat: when "we can't swallow" a word or an act, it reveals our inability to express our feelings, to negotiate our relationships with others. The loss of voice, laryngitis, hoarseness reflect this same difficulty in expressing our deepest feelings.

The ears: they are used to hear and listen, therefore to accept what comes from outside. Ringing in the ears and partial deafness, ear infections ... are all messages of refusal; refusal to hear or highlighting an external suffering (example of a patient by Michel Odoul: a little boy who had repeated ear infections on the right side (mother's side) and who expressed through this pain his suffering in the face to the cries of his mother that he could not stand at all).

The skull: headaches, migraines are unfortunately very widespread and also very significant. They show our difficulty in dialoguing with ourselves, in accepting our own thoughts. Headaches, headaches indicate more precisely a rejection of new ideas, on the sides we speak especially of emotional tension in the family or professional field.

The belly: "I have it on my stomach", "I can't digest it", are phrases that are often said in situations that have put us in a position that has made us spring back. anger. The stomach and the liver will then be impacted. We refuse to accept a situation.

The knee: "I-us" knee problems bring to light a problem in relationships, whether with ourselves (who we are, our thoughts, our desires ...) or with others (conflicting relationships with the outside world).

The ankles: repeated sprains come to testify to an instability of your Being. The message can mean that you are not on the right path, that you are having trouble making a decision about your life, your future.

The list is very long of all these evils which come to light words which we do not hear. If these explanations interest you, you can obtain the following books: The large dictionary of discomforts and diseases by Jacques Martel or "Tell me where you have pain" Lexicon by Michel Odoul.

In conclusion, we can say that the ailments that impact us in our daily life are there to help us "heal" from wounds or to change the way we act or see things. These evils which are manifested today in the physical can just as well be caused by traumas linked to childhood as by "curses" or "lived experiences" on the family lines, as by karmic charges which come to be. wake up in order to be cleaned.

Of course, all the small serious or less serious injuries of everyday life have an explanation and do not necessarily require the consultation of an energy therapist:

-We hit each other quite simply because we were not careful (it doesn't matter if we go to work on the subject, just take into account that it may be necessary to do things more slowly) or we hit each other repeatedly ( if it is not in our habits, check if we are not parasitized by an energy parasite)

-We have a cold (temperature change in spring, it happens, no need to work on the subject: in spring an energetic cleaning work is done on a planetary level, when we clean, we must evacuate the "waste", hence the nose that flows)...

Now it's up to you to listen to your body in order to come and free it from its ills and be reconciled with it.

Tokela Isha - 14 avril 2021

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